“The easiest, the most tempting, and the least creative response to conflict within an organization is to pretend it does not exist.”

– Lyle E Schaller

Lisa Brown


Lisa Brown Attorney, LLC
Dispute Resolution
(503) 887-2436

Lisa enjoys working with employers to facilitate internal employment disputes before they escalate into litigation.

Relying on her extensive experience litigating ADA claims, Lisa uses her knowledge to facilitate the ADA interactive process between employers and employees as well as discussions between students, teachers, and school districts in developing and implementing Section 504 and IEP plans.

Lisa also offers facilitation and mediation services for families, residents, and long term care facilities, assisting them in developing care plans and resolving issues that may arise in implementing the care plan.

Lisa Facilitates:

  • Internal workplace conflicts between employees
  • Relationship issues involving upper level management
  • Disputes within law firms, partnerships, medical clinics, and other businesses
  • ADA interactive process communications involving employees seeking accommodations for their disabilities in the workplace
  • IEP and 504 plan meetings between students, parents and teachers
  • Discussions with residents, care providers and families in long term care facilities
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